Kalamkarov Michael

Was born in 1959 in Moscow. In 1982 graduated from Lomonosov MGU (Moscow State University), department of calculus mathematics and cybernetics. Specialty – mathematic statistics.Took up photography at 1982. 1994-95 – director of TV program “Absolutely secretly”. Author of documentaries and TV commercials. From 1998 worked for various advertisement agencies. From 2003 teaches at the photo department of MGUKI (Moscow State University of Culture and Art). Associate professor of photo department in MGUKI.In May 2004 with the group of like-minded persons and colleagues founded creative association of artists, photographers and art critics “Stankovaya photographia XXI”.Laureate of “Akcia” (Action) prize 2008 in support of theatre initiative of Presidential Council of Culture.Member of Moscow Union of Artists (MOSH).

Personal exhibitions:Art salon of Tsereteli Gallery of Arts Moscow, 2004Gallery "Glaz" (the Eye), MDF, Moscow, 2002Gallery "Rossini", Moscow, 1998"Art of photography. Small exhibition", CDH, Мoscow, 1997Gallery "Russian field", Moscow, 1997Gallery "Billedhuset", Denmark, Copenhagen, 1993"Encaunter", Gallery "Neo-shag", Central Child Theatre, Moscow,1992"Look", House of press print, Samara, 1984


Collective exhibitions and festivals:

“Subject of play. Performance that wasn`t there”. III Theatre festival “Arbat meetings”, Yablochkina Central House of Actor, Moscow 2008" Subject of play. Performance that wasn`t there ", III festival “The oldest theatres of Russia in Kaluga”, Kaluga 2008"Portrait today”, Moscow Union of Artists, Union of Moscow sculptors, Moscow 2008“Unknown model”, Moscow Union of Artists, Union of Moscow sculptors, Moscow 2007“Subject of play”. Kaluga, gallery "Image". 2006“Stankovaya photographia”, Union of designers of Russia, Moscow 2006"Inopportune art". Kaluga, gallery "Image". 2005" Inopportune art ". Moscow, gallery "tXt". 2005"Pictorial nudes". Москва, gallery "Kino". 2005"Russian photography of XXI century”. Days of Russian culture in Austria. Baden 2005"Bright ideas design", Taiwan, Taipei, 2004First fair of author`s photography. Photoproart. Moscow 2004"Image 2000", CDH, Moscow, 1999Millennium art collection, The Netherlands, 1999

Main publications:

“Philosophy of original” Portfolio "Digital Camera Photo&Video". April 2008 (62). Moscow“Mystery of the backstage” Т. Popova. PhotoDelo . August 2007. Moscow“Session of simultaneous play” Т. Popva. PhotoDelo . June 2007. Moscow“World of backstage” Kaluga, “Good to live” 2/2006“Performance that wasn`t there” N. Golovatyuk, Kaluga "News" 344/2006" Inopportune art". Exhibition booklet. Arbor, Moscow 2005"Photoproart Collection", portfolio, №1 2004 г."Кадры решают все","Russian news", 7.04.2004г."NFQ/2PRINT" catalogue, Moscow 1999"Image 2000", catalogue, Moscow 1999"The best exhibitions", Moscow, 8/1998 "Capital"N. Nazarevskaya "There are no words- there is movement", "Culture" Moscow, 8/1998М. Chegodaeva "Still life with a woman", №28 7/1997 "Moscow news",М. Sidlin "Bodies and artists", 04.07.1997 "Independent newspaper",D. Kiyan " Michael Kalamkarov — photographer and и cinematographer ","FOTO&VIDEO" №4 1997г.М. Chegodaeva "Cocktail on the occasion", 12.06.1992 "Moscow truth"