Zheleznyakov Maxim

Was born in 1962. Main specialty – scenographer. In 1985 graduated from School-studio of MHAT (Moscow Art Academic Theatre) USSR, production department (higher education). Teachers: Oleg Grosse, Valeriy Levental, Yriy Kononenko. Worked in different theatres of Russia. Worked as a chief artist of Lunacharskiy regional Kaluga theatre more then 20 years. Worked as an scenographer at more than 30 performances. In the beginning of 90s after the mastery course in Stroganov MVHPU founded creative group “Archive of the fire school” of making artistic ceramics. Works at the sphere of book and easel graphics, illustration, theatre. Works as a teacher in MHAT and RATI (GITIS Russian Academy of Theatre Art) – course “3D modeling of the stage space”. Certified multimedia-specialist of “Apple” company. Author of books and magazine publications about artistic use of computer technologies. Started to use photographic means in making images in 1980.

Artdirector of The Kaluga State Theatre.

In May 2004 with the group of like-minded persons and colleagues founded creative association of artists, photographers and art critics “Stankovaya photographia XXI”.

Laureate of “Akcia” (Action) prize 2008 in support of theatre initiative of Presidential Council of Culture.

Member of Union of Theatre workers of Russia.Member of Moscow Union of Artists (MOSH).



Main exhibitions:

  • “Subject of play. Performance that wasn`t there”. III Theatre festival “Arbat meetings”, Yablochkina Central House of Actor, Moscow 2008
  • "Subject of play. Performance that wasn`t there ", III festival “The oldest theatres of Russia in Kaluga”, Kaluga 2008
  • "Portrait today”, Moscow Union of Artists, Union of Moscow sculptors, Moscow 2008
  • “Unknown model”, Moscow Union of Artists, Union of Moscow sculptors, Moscow 2007
  • “Subject of play”. Kaluga, gallery "Image". 2006
  • “Stankovaya photographia”, Union of designers of Russia, Moscow 2006
  • "Inopportune art". Kaluga, gallery "Image". 2005
  • " Inopportune art ". Moscow, gallery "tXt". 2005
  • "Pictorial nudes". Москва, gallery "Kino". 2005
  • "Russian photography of XXI century”. Days of Russian culture in Austria. Baden 2005
  • First fair of author`s photography. Photoproart. Moscow 2004Retrospective of museum of photographic collections. Moscow 2004
  • “Style and fasion” gallery A-3 Moscow 2001
  • "Archive of the fire school ". Moscow "Gallery REART". CDH 1994
  • "Archive of the fire school ". Moscow " Gallery on Solyanka". 1993
  • "Nu art". Kaluga. 1989
  • National “Outcomes of theatre season 1988-1989" Moscow Manezh. 1989
  • Regional " Outcomes of theatre season 1987-1988" Moscow, VTO. 1988Regional " Outcomes of theatre season 1984-1985" Москва, VTO. 1985

Main publications:

  • "Service of muses doesn`t bear copying” Portfolio. Digital Camera Photo&Video. March 2008 (61). Moscow
  • “Mystery of the backstage” Т. Popova. PhotoDelo . August 2007. Moscow
  • “Session of simultaneous play” Т. Popva. PhotoDelo . June 2007.Moscow
  • "Photo relay race. From Rodchenko till nowadays”. U.Rybchinskiy. O.Sviblova. Edition of Multimedia complex of contemporary arts and Musum “Moscow House of Photography” Moscow 2006
  • “World of backstage” Kaluga, “Good to live” 2/2006 “Performance that wasn`t there” N. Golovatyuk, Kaluga "News" 344/2006
  • "Inopportune art". Exhibition booklet. Arbor, Moscow 2005
  • "All about woman". Gennadiy Rogov. "Journalist" №3, 2006. Moscow
  • "Noble printing". Boris Spasskiy. "Camera Obscura" №3. 1998. Moscow "Arbor".